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Friendly Scottish Gaming

Grab a drink, settle in and have some chats with me, Geek in the North. This is a gaming community where everyone is welcome!

Life can be tough and we all need space to relax and hang out with good people wherever we are so leave your stress behind and join me, streaming games of all sorts, and having a laugh.

Geek in the North will always provide an open, safe space to all races, genders and sexualities. Intolerance and hate has no place here and I will work to keep this community safe.


Join the stream

Coming Soon! "Rest at Bonfire", hang out and keep me company while I wander through Souls style games! Follow me to see when I go live.


Catch Up

Previous streams will be available on YouTube, catch up on any progress you missed before the next time I go live.


Stay Up To Date

Follow me to keep up to date on Geek in the North happenings and be the first to know about new stuff and scheduling changes.

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