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Pepper Patch

The Peppédex

Mell Pepper has taken many forms which Professor Geek is doing his best to catalogue. If you spot a Mell that isn't yet on the list be sure to contribute to the Peppédex and you'll get Mell Candies! (Mell Candies are currently Out of Stock/Never Existed).

Mell Pepper

The Original flavour of Mell that we're blessed with today, the one we know and love that teaches us the importance of friendship, being an Apex Legend and the power of that most mysterious soft drink.



Type - Normal


Weakness - Right Shoes, Lack of Dr Pepper

Melonius Pepporius III

A wizard of great renown who is believed to have taught Merlin everything he knows but didn't like the spotlight so just chilled out and invented yo-yo's.




Type - Psychic

Weakness - Low Quality Mattresses

Mellanie G Pepper PI

Private eye from New Jersey who spends most days shouting "I'm Mellanie G Peppuh and I'm solvin crimes ovah heah!". Not one for subtlety, they wear a trenchcoat, trilby, sunglasses and holds a newspaper in front of them with eyeholes cut out. Always catches the perp! (The perp is usually a racoon and the crime is usually taking food from trash cans).


Type - Metal

Weakness - Quiet Places (like libraries)

Melltha Peppershot

Also known as "Mumma Mell" (not to be confused with "Mommy Mell", very different vibe), Melltha considers everyone to be one of their kiddos and always looks out for them. That is, unless they do wrong to another of their kiddos, at which point they breaks out their shotgun with special Peppershot rounds (they're full of ghost Pepper flakes to inflict burning ouchies) and the hunt is on, they always protects the PepperPatch! The film "Mumma with a Shotgun" is based on their life.

Type - Fairy/Fighting, depending on if in loving mumma or protective mumma mode

Weakness - Bad Manners

Mel C Pepper

The pepperiest member of the Spice Girls. You only ever hear them on the albums because after hearing that some countries don't stock Dr Pepper, they didn't want to go on tour.



Type - Fairy

Weakness - Muted Colours, Lack of Spice in Your Life

Mellania V Peppzana

The vampire mayor of 2 square kilometres in North East Ireland. Thought to be the friendliest vampire to have ever lived, subsisting off of blood donated in exchange for hugs and occasionally people who post mean stuff on Twitter.


Type - Dark

Weakness Sunburn

Pepper Beard the Pirate

One of the greatest pirates there ever was. Smuggler of Tea, Rum and the secret flavouring mix that goes into every bottle of Dr Pepper. Only got caught once because they wanted a break and then escaped prison again when the mood took them. Rumour has it they retired to run a lighthouse and smuggle just the Dr Pepper flavouring.

Type - Water

Weakness - Import Tax

Mell Thrivin' & Vibin' Pepper

The chillest Pepper, with all the positivity and most immaculate vibes. If any Pepper was at Woodstock, it was this one! Without a doubt makes the best cupcakes and gives the warmest hugs.







Type - Psychic(delic)


Weakness - Bad Vibes

Mell de Pepér

A aristocrat that introduced black pepper to France. They absolutely loved the stuff and due to the vast quantities of peppercorns that were eaten, many at the time developed a dental condition known as Pepper Tooth, it was gross.

Type - Ground

Weakness - Unseasoned Food

Mell Z Pepper

Hunter of zombies and undercover astronaut. "I didn't know there were zombies" you might say, "why would an astronaut need to be undercover?" they may ask. "Mind your business!" is what Mell Z Pepper says after throwing them a business card that says "Totally Not an Astronaut".

Type - Flying

Weakness - Cosmonauts

Mellthonian the Pepper

One of the world's greatest assassins, once facing down 3 other assassins, who all had Mellthonian as their target, in a tense standoff with sniper rifles and coming out without a scratch. It's said they take a left shoe from every single job and keeps them in what has become quite a smelly room. Regularly has mate dates with their best friendo, John Wick, where they eat pasta and look at cat memes.

Type - One of those Digimon that's part gun

Weakness - Lag

Peppuh Fox

The fox is eepy, the fox has been stealing left shoes and has a tired, the fox just wants a lil slep, a mini wittle napski, an order of napperoni and cheese, the little fox has done lots and been so awesome so offer a headpat and a cosy blanket okay.







Type - Sleepy

Weakness - Activities Requiring Thinks

Hymns of the Pepper

Whether charging into battle to get more left shoes or building a fuzzy community with the best patch of friendos around, the Hymns of the Pepper spur on the chaos of Mell!


Cause no matter what Mell do,

They be comin for your left shoe,

If you think this don't apply to you,

Better watch for left shoe poo


Mell's cool, they can beat up bad guys,

At 6 foot 5, they got them ass-kicking thighs,

You won't believe your eyes, fully mesmerised,

Got those laser shooting eyes and I tell no lies

Everywhere I Go

Everywhere they go,

People always know,

Mell and their loony toons,

Comin for your left shoes

I Miss You

Where are you,

I'll make you sorry,

I cannot find,

your sorry butt tonight,

I need you to peak me right now,

So I can snipe you,

If I go for the knife,

it's over for you tonight,

It's over for you toniiiiiiiiiight



MellPepper is hunting you,

and your left shoes,

You'll never get away,

Peak them right now,

just one quick pow,

Go home it's not your day

Lose Yourself

Arms weak, legs are sweaty,

Mell pooped in my left shoe already,

They ate my Mom's spaghetti,

I'm nervous,

On the surface Mell's not calm but ready to drop peakers,

But they keeps on regretting their teammates with their incessant pinging,

Mell's taking out fools but their emotes are singing,

Rat-a-tat-tat but the ammo warning is dinging,

They're panicking now,

Enemies circling round,

Time's up then Tonberry wow!

Here comes the Berry,

All fresh and ready,

He takes down an enemy,

Bang, they ain't ready for,

Ton and his sassy ass no they can't handle it,

I'm making up paragraphs for this epic-acity

I'll Make a Man Out of You

Let's get down to chaos,

Capers too for sure,

Loony toons are welcome,

On this wild tour,

You're the looniest bunch I ever met,

But you can bet before she's through,

Mell will make,

Silly geese,

Out of youuuuu,

Left shoes must be on guard,

And those peakers too,

Loony toons are coming,

All the tales are true Mell just won't be satisfied,

With only a trainer two,

Now come on,

Just untie, 

Your left shooooooe

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